Thursday, January 22, 2015

La Moustache

Tonight was the meeting of  the poetry discussion group called Blame It On Dali that I mentioned in the last post.  It was a fantastic evening of tasty take-away, fond friendship, and great poems.

As a late Christmas surprise, S gifted us each with a special mug!  I'm delighted.

My contribution to this evening's discussion was 2 poems written in Rimas Dissolutas, a form where lines rhyme across but not within stanzas (such as abcd abcd abcd).  The poems can have any number of lines or stanzas.
  • Black Rook in Rainy Weather, by Sylvia Plath
  • Causes, by Mona Van Duyn
It was interesting to look at how this form worked in the poems, particularly with Plath's near or soft rhymes.  I'd like to try writing one of my own.

Other poems we read and talked about tonight:
  • Living, by Denise Levertov
  • Dorothy Wordsworth, by Jennifer Chang
  • The Wanderer King, Theodore Deppe

I wish I could stay home tomorrow and spend the day reading and reading poetry.  Alas...

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Water's Edge

Let's walk along the pier,
bracketed by waves,
and let our stories
be softened by the fog.

The birds here are king,
slow and certain.

They scoff at our pale skin,
heavy feet, rough voices.
But we take up this space
and are allowed to continue,
for a while...

To live on the beach
without feathers -

It seems a fair trade,
for the salt that will someday
carry us away

and the dusk
that will numb the going.


I'm lucky enough to belong to a couple poetry groups.  One is a group of a few women who get together every other month over dinner and share and discuss poems we've read and like.  I adore this group and am so thankful for the wonderful women that share it with me.  The group is called Blame It On Dali (long story).  We meet again in a couple weeks.

The other group I belong to is called City Hall Poets.  It is a workshop/critique group.  I belonged previously several years back, then left when I was struggling with my writing.  I joined again last year.  It is such a talented and great group of poets.  I feel very honored to be included in the group and they definitely help me become a better poet.  This poem, Water's Edge, was my workshop poem from the December meeting.  We meet monthly and the next meeting is tonight.  I still have to choose what poem to take...