Sunday, September 20, 2015

Tarot Poet

So just a little tarot post to share.

As a poet, who am I in the tarot deck?  The Hermit
 - I need the quiet introspection, the solitude, the ear bent to my own intuitive language that is the territory of the Hermit.  I particularly like this version of the card since it shows a woman at a desk, surrounded by books. That's a pretty good poet representation!

What tarot card most relates to the poetry I write?  Death
 - I do write about death, but in tarot this card is most often about the end of a cycle, letting go and transformation into something new.  I feel like a lot of my poetry resides in those moments.

Hermit card from Pagan Tarot by Gina M Pace, Images copyright by Lo Scarabeo

Death card from Crystal Tarot by Philip Permut


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