Monday, October 5, 2015

On the Radio

So I was featured today on a show called Writer's in the Round on WSCA Portsmouth Community Radio.  Host Jim Rioux played some songs, and fellow poet Wayne Atherton and I shared poems, and we all chatted.  I laughed a lot.  It was fun.

I like the radio.  In another life, I'm a DJ.

In this life, I very much appreciate that I was asked to be part of the show and that it was a good exerpience.

An archive is up for listening:

WSCA archives

Scroll down to: Writers in the Round (artists and poets),
and it is listed as: WSCA-WITR_10-05-2015.mp3

And then just because I have this song in my head now, enjoy this listen as well:
On My Radio by The Selecter